Enterprise concept

J & B believes that the core competitiveness of an enterprise lies in its quality, cost and speed. In order to achieve the goal of excellent quality, quality control is carried out from the time of R & D,

Use fully automatic production operation, perfect manufacturing system and advanced machines to improve production yield. Adhere to quality first and take a serious and responsible attitude

Cooperate with precise instruments and implement strict quality control system, carry out rigorous tests to ensure the product quality can exceed the expectations of customers.

Strong R & D strength has always been the main reason for J & B to win customers' trust. Therefore, we constantly introduce the latest machines and excellent talents to plant research and development

The strength of the team, and the increasing R & D funds and engineering personnel year by year, more fully demonstrate J & B's adherence and efforts to products.

The steady annual growth of performance is the hard work of all J & B employees. "Quality", "innovation" and "commitment" make us

Have firm confidence in future development, continue to invest in talent cultivation, research and development and expand the complete product line, so as to enable J & B to grasp the trend and create opportunities

It will be a successful model for the industry in the near future.

Corporate culture

01. Our strategic culture is: professional focus on connector R & D, manufacturing and sales, and strive to be a leader in the electronic connector industry.

02. Our core values are: Junjia is the builder of the society. Every guard should provide classic products according to the quality and quantity, and share the joy of success with the guests and the society.

03. Our organization is: we are a big family, family, friendship, respect, enter Junjia, you must make progress, one day equals three days

04.Our work style is: Please trust me to finish the task.

05.When we are faced with difficulties: there is a way to solve everything.

06. Our sales culture is: cherish every customer, cherish every business opportunity and make customers satisfied!

07. Our purchasing culture is: cherish the suppliers, and every purchasing opportunity is of good quality, low cost and punctual delivery.

08.Our business culture is: operating customers, operating employees, operating suppliers

09. Our production culture is: excellent products are made by excellent people. We use the mentality of training children to make products. Delivering products is like sending children to the battlefield.

10. Our culture of dealing with problems is: not afraid of problems, find out the reasons, and make a system, which will not happen next time.

11. Our communication culture is: speech has a theme, specific, clear, quantitative, and timely response. Three treasures of communication: nod, smile and praise.

12. Our conference culture is: there are themes, meetings and discussions, discussions and resolutions, decisions and actions, actions and results.

13. Our management culture: no discrimination, management is the management of details.

14. Our education and culture: repeat, repeat, until relieved.